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There are times when you need a quick fix solution to a small problem, so I've compiled a list of my 'handy tips', which I we hope will help. If you have a problem which you're not sure about, email me and I'll try and find a handy solution! If you have a great tip email me and Ill post it here.

The handy tips below should be used responsibly and at your own discretion. The Information is displayed on an "As Is" basis, without my NY warranty.

After cleaning paint brushes.

If you have favorite paint brushes that you clean and reuse often - try this: After cleaning them in paint thinner, store them with a thick rubber band around the bristles. This will helps the bristles stay in place so you can use your favorite brush again!

What a way to go.

Here is my true and tried NYC method for eliminating cockroaches..!! Fill a bowl with cheap wine under your sink. The revolting little pests will drink the wine get drunk and drown in the bowl ! ...this really works, no kidding.

No need to clean.

If you want to avoid cleaning a paint roller because you will be using it again , wrap it in foil or in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator. This will keep the roller moist and usable for a few days.

Taping before tapping or drilling.

To prevent plaster walls from cracking when drilling or driving in a nail, place a small piece of tape over the spot before hammering in a nail or drilling.

If your shower head is clogged.

Clean a clogged up showerhead with white vinegar. Just pour a cup of it into a small plastic bag, and attach it to the showerhead with tape. In about 8 hours, the acid in the vinegar will dissolve all the soap scum and mildew away.

Is your level level?

Place the level on the floor or a table. Mark its exact location at each end with a pencil (mark the line on the end and a short distance along each side), and note the bubble reading on the vials.

Turn the level around, end for end, aligning it with the pencil marks. Check the reading. Repeat, by turning the level upside-down. All readings should match. If they don't, adjust the vials using the screws at each vial and repeat the test until all readings match. If your level does not have screws to adjust the vials, you'll just have to buy a new level.

Before you buy, try this test.

Clean paint off your hands with ease!

You don't have to use turpentine to get paint off yourself, try olive oil, it softens the paint and makes it easy to remove, and it moistures your skin at the same time.

If the paint is fresh on your hands rub butter or margarine into the paint marks and it brings them off. Don't ask me why though.

Freeze your paint brush..?

If you're  done painting for the day -or-the-week- but plan to pick up your paintbrush soon, there's no need to clean it. just seal it in a plastic bag and freeze it. The cold prevents the paint from evaporating and hardening the bristles.

Cleaning and storing paint rollers.

If you like to clean and store your paint rollers so you can use them again, try putting the paint roller in a long container like a pringles can, a tennis ball holder or similar long thin container. by adding a bit of paint thinner to the container you can keep it clean and stored for when you need it again!

Sanding the easy way!

Sandpaper will last longer and work better if the paper backing is dampened slightly before wrapping around a block of wood.

When sanding small objects, attach the sandpaper to a flat surface and then run the object that needs sanding over the paper.

After sanding wood, pull an old nylon stocking over your hand and rub the wood lightly. You will be able to locate the slightest rough spots.